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Stick It To ‘Em | June 1, 2010

I was thinking about bumper stickers today.  I don’t remember when I saw the first one in my life.  It was probably during the 1964 election when I drove around in my first car in Worcester, Massachusetts.

I know I had a Goldwater sticker on my new car, a 1965 Mustang.

I had to replace that sticker three or four times because Democrats kept ripping them off.  That’s probably why LBJ carried the state by 80-20% if my memory serves me.

I love driving around and seeing all the people who keep political bumper stickers on two, four and even 10 years after an election.

With the case of Gore or Kerry, I just shake my head and wonder why some people would advertise their ignorance years after the balloting.

I haven’t had a political sticker on since Reagan.  None of the last candidates have appealed to me at all.  I guess after RWR all else has been prologue.

And as for McCain, he was only my 4th choice in 2008–after Romney, Huck and none-of-the-above.

Many were too hard to remove when I traded the car in and politics has become far nastier today.

Some stickers are funny.  I particularly like the one where it says: My child can beat the $%#&% out of your honor student. This kind of puts that issue in perspective, doesn’t it?

I met a fellow from North Carolina on a trip to France one time and he told us about a sticker they had in his state that was as prescient and pithy as 150 years of verbal and written discourse on the issue of slavery.

We Should Have Picked Our Own Damn Cotton! I think he about covered it all in that.

I’ll bet everyone has seen the sticker COEXIST, spelled out with symbols from all the major religions in the world.

It’s a nice idea but a little unrealistic, since most of the major world religions contradict the others on many of the answers to the vital questions of human existence, such as Why was I born?, Is there a God? and Is there sin and evil in the world?

People who accept the premise of COEXIST reduce all religion to a meaningless bundle of platitudes and New Age good feelings that have no substance and cannot answer any of the serious questions in life.

My old friend from WGNU radio, Charlie Geer had his own version that read: Pray for Whirled Peas!

I used to have a number of pro-life stickers on but I started getting the latent fear that the other guys would try to drive me off the road or damage my car in some remote parking lot.

I am seriously thinking of actually putting ED MARTIN for Congress sticker on!

Some of their stickers have been beyond the pale of civility and fair play.

Well I guess that is to be expected from people who advocate the butchering of human beings in the womb.  What does someone else’s life really mean to them?

It is all about their own small lives.  The consequences of their actions have no part in any moral equation in their twisted minds.

Some of their stickers reflect that misanthropic attitude that is contrary to Christian principles.

I think that explain their auxiliary movement to remove God and his commandments from the public square.

I think the Constitution has been re-interpreted to restore a separate but equal kind of discrimination toward religion instead of race.

Check out my favorite all-time pro-abortion stickers.

Against Abortion–Don’t Have One!

I just love that one.  Substitute any other word and seem how really nasty and inhumane it is.

Again Slavery–Don’t Own one!

How about?   Against Child Abuse–Don’t have any Kids!

Against Rape–Don’t Date!

I think you get my point.  Then I love the religious sticker that compels the reading public to:

Keep Your Rosaries off My Ovaries! Personally I have trouble even visualizing just how that could ever happen.  If taken literally I bet it would be terribly painful.

The there’s the combination slogan that is filled with, alas tragic irony: I’m Pro-Woman, Pro-family, Pro-Life and Pro-Choice!

Pro-life?  I seriously doubt the veracity of that statement.

I’ll be it’s a very small family–maybe two adults, a few pets and maybe a child.

Who needs a child for the new kind of family the left has invented?

How about this one: I’m Pro-Choice and I Vote! Wow that’s a good one.  I am quaking in my boots.

Of course in Chicago, she probably could vote several times and then I would have reason to be afraid.

Pro-life slogans are much more friendly and human.  It’s a Baby, not a Choice! Would any human being with a brain, not understand that?

I saw one recently that said she was Pro-Woman, Pro-Child and Pro-life. Now that’s an inclusive statement that doesn’t leave the ultimate victim out of the equation.

Right now I do have a bumper sticker that partially visible from my rear window (a window sticker that’s not stuck?) that says:

May God Touch the Hearts of Those Who Would Kill the Inconvenient!

It is the best prayer I can find to stick it back to them and it is certainly better than Whirled Peas!

This Picture Says a 1000 Words!

While this is not a bumper sticker, I think its meaning is clear as rain water.   (Taken during by the author during a Pro-life Protest outside the Planned Parenthood Center at Boyle and Forest Parkway in St. Louis.)



  1. BB you really hit a cord for life. I cannot attend Mass at my parish, I am so offended by the “Obama” bumper stickers still riding on these Catholic bumpers. I have not heard one word of support for Live in this parish….but the do applaud enjoy fathers jokes, and recognition of accomplished parishioners, but not a word about Abortion or Church teachings.

    Comment by Jim Vondras — June 2, 2010 @ 12:11 am

  2. Pro-life or Pro-choice…I don’t see how it is acceptable to show a picture of an aborted fetus on a huge sign on a public street. I would like to think that my children wouldn’t be subjected to a lunatics agenda with that disturbing photo. I would totally support either side’s protest, but when you force the general public (many of which may be children) to see a dead, bloody fetus that crosses a line. If that person really cared for the unborn child’s life, and not an agenda, they may think twice before putting a photo of it’s dead body on a sign. It’s disrespectful to the general public, the unborn child, and the mother.

    Comment by Derek — December 11, 2011 @ 12:59 am

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