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A Lyre in the White House | May 27, 2010

There has been a lot of talk about the oil spill off the Louisiana coast.

Many of President Obama’s critics are calling this Obama’s Katrina, a reference to the hurricane that swept through the state five years ago that left over a 1000 dead and hundreds of thousands of people homeless.

I am not certain that this man-made disaster is comparable to the act of God that wreaked so much destruction.

I also think George Bush had little if any responsibility for the Katrina destruction and his alleged failure to act…or in the pleading liberal heart–just do something!

President Bush tried to go through the protocols that govern any interaction between states and federal government.  He was legally bound by the 1988 Stafford Act, which says that in natural disasters on-shore states are in charge, not Washington.

Liberals don’t seem to understand the rule of law. They only understand the rule that says they can bend or even break the law to get done what they want…which is not necessarily consistent with solving problems but only enhancing their own powers.

In the case of Katrina, President Bush had to wait for Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans and then Governor Kathleen Blanco to request federal assistance, including the notorious federal agency, FEMA.

Neither Nagin nor Blanco had the courage to act.  They both broke out their lyres and started playing the blues.

Bush waited until it was obvious that they were clueless of what to do.

For this he has continued to be blamed as a do-nothing president.

Speaking of a do-nothing president in times of national disaster and constitutional responsibility, that epithet can easily be applied to the musician in the White House.

While America’s borders crumble in a sea of illegal immigrants, gun trafficking and drug running, he sits calmly and without emotion in the government palace and serenely plays his lyre, doing his best impression of the Emperor Nero.

Isn’t it ironic that first as a candidate and now as a president who seems duty-bound to interfere with every act of our lives from our doctors, what we eat, whom we associate with and whether we have jobs, where we infinitum, cannot do anything to protect the American people.

Those important matters are his expressed duties in the U. S. Constitution, which used to mean the rule of law as well as our body of liberties.

It is now a bundle of big government loopholes that exist merely for the disposition of the Obama White House.

The people of Arizona, especially on their border with Mexico are terrified.  Guns, drugs, and illegals violate their space every day.  What has Obama done?  Nada!

Phoenix is second in the hemisphere in kidnappings as bands of thieves and murderers violate our borders and steal our citizens and then hold them for ransom.  What does Obama do–nothing!

Oh, I am sure left-wingers will point out that he sent 1200 troops to the border..but only to stop the drugs and guns.  How are they going to do that?

Are they going to ask for the people climbing over the fence or running through the dessert: Show me your papers and then look for weapons?

Does he even know or care?

And just what has he done to alleviate or even manage this oil crisis?  A fat zero!

What he did do was to politicize this disaster as he has politicized everything that happens in this country.

Years ago author R. Emmett Tyrrell coined the neologism, Kultursmog, which he defined as the pollution of our culture by politics, almost exclusively Liberal politics.

In his Thursday news conference, the president ended by quoting an anecdote from that morning where his younger daughter knocked on the bathroom door while he was shaving and asked him Daddy did YOU fill the hole yet!

He has already postured himself to take credit for this disaster when BP’s technology finally solves the problems associated with their mess.  He wants the credit without any of the blame.

Since the deadly explosion nearly six weeks ago, he has made a concerted effort to distance himself from the issue, going to fund-raisers, and concerning himself with items of national importance like the Don’t ask! Don’t Tell military policy.

Meanwhile unemployment figures increase and the border remains a leaking sieve.

But Obama has had plenty of blame to lay on British Petroleum.  It’s all their fault and yet he expects to get all of the credit when the hole is finally filled.

When that finally happens, a true analysis will show that Obama did little to help..if anything and plenty to hinder the control of the oil.

According to Rush Limbaugh’s radio program on Thursday, Republican Governor Bobby Jindal asked the government for a simple permit to create a buffer zone off-shore that would help mitigate the spill’s destruction of his coastline.  He petitioned  the government and is still waiting for an answer.

This is the height of the president’s personal arrogance.  He is attempting to make the oil slick about him and his leadership.

The man has not shown an ounce of leadership in anything and why should that surprise anyone?  Has he ever done anything where executive skills where necessary?

Has he ever run a business–a campaign maybe but a business where he would have learned how the real world works?

Actor and I think conservative Kevin Costner, I just learned has an invention that he hopes will solve the problem.  He owns the patents on some sort of centrifuge that can speed up the absorption of the oil before it reaches the shore.

To date he has put $24 million of his own money into this project and is currently testing with BP.  Government can never match private enterprise in fixing problems.

But the rub is that before they can implement it, they must get the consent of the Federal government.

Think that is going to happen in our Kultursmog?  Let’s see a conservative inventor, a Republican governor, a big oil company?  Sounds like a lot of bad people.  The president cannot let them solve the problem.  It might cost him some popularity.

No, I think he will hunker down in the While House and strum a few tunes on his lyre while New Orleans slides off the face of the earth.


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  1. Bribing political senate and congressional candidates.
    Blaming Conservatives, Tea Parties, ex Pres.Bush, the Military, etc., is the Democrat/Obama basic Administrations Policy fall all his failures.
    Obma is the best Snake Oil Salesman that has come down the Pike in many years. Maybe, except for Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

    Comment by Jim Vondras — May 27, 2010 @ 8:20 pm

  2. As for the oil leak and like matters, life among the rich and powerful seems to be mostly about taking all the profits, political credit, and raw power you can build as you routinely shift business costs, political blame, and personal responsibility for your own wrong actions away away from your door as quickly and as far as possible.

    Hmmm! Sounds like a perfect quagmire for the sinking of America to me.

    As for illegal immigration, who needs strong borders, a clear process for pursuing citizenship, a unifying central language, and an open, but always assimilating central culture? What purpose do these things serve, except to keep the same old tired principles of the Constitution operational?

    Isn’t cheap labor for the Republicans and cheap votes for the Democrats more than enough? Besides, do you really want to raise the question about how how many more new untrained and healthcare-needy people the USA lifeboat can take on before it sinks for all of us?

    If you raise questions these days, you might be a racist.

    Hmmm again! Sounds like a perfect quagmire for the sinking of America to me. We can’t seem to stop the flows of leaking oil or of illegal immigration from flooding the estuaries of our American physical and cultural shores.

    Look! America needs oil and it needs new people who are hungry for opportunity. It just doesn’t need either in the forms they are now coming.

    Is that so hard to understand?

    Comment by Bill McCurdy — May 27, 2010 @ 8:58 pm

  3. Oh, William…. I am so sad for you. To think, you must live with this situation for yet another six years. Poor, poor boy. And then to suffer the ordeal of having Obama go out as a believer and a doer…. and one of our great presidents.

    If only the other side… you know, the good ol’ obstructionist, exclusionary boys who really, really believe they have it right… had a real, viable leader who could talk without lying.

    If only.

    Comment by dan richards — May 28, 2010 @ 2:48 am

  4. You remind me, in a vague way, of Al Hrobosky: all one-sided bullshit, totally oblivious to the talents and efforts of the other side.

    Take a deep, deep breath, William.

    Then take another one.

    Comment by dan richards — May 28, 2010 @ 2:51 am

  5. Obama is doing a great job of destroying the country. That is why he was put into office. He is accomplishing his goal and doing it rapidly. He is supposed to sit in his office and play his lyre while Rome burns. He is taking us to global governance. Good bye America.

    Comment by Mary B — May 28, 2010 @ 6:56 pm

  6. Dan:

    You are obviously beyond the pale in the reasonable exchange of ideas and opinions. Your rant serves nothing more than exposing your own lack of understand. Your use of profanity disqualifies from this kind comment forum. I suggest you take your baggage elsewhere..

    Comment by bbprof — May 28, 2010 @ 7:05 pm

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