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A Political Football Part II | February 3, 2010

I hope CBS lives up to its promise and does not go wobbly on the Tebows because of the vicious attacks from Planned Parenthood extremists.  I do not see the harm of letting Tim’s mother Pam share her personal experience and demonstrates the courage it took to choose life and sacrifice over choice and expediency.

The Pro-abortion crowd is having conniptions over one thankful athlete for his mother’s positive choice.  Let’s face it all choices are not equal.

Those who choose abortion over life are making a choice for their better interests while Tim’s mother was willing to sacrifice her health, maybe even her life for her unborn child.

Why can’t they advertise this kind of courage at the Super Bowl?  What kind of people could be opposed to Pam Tebow’s heroism?

It is the left who have turned morality into a political football.  It is they who have politicized the family, sex and the womb.  It is they who try to censor the positive reflections of an outstanding son and love for his mother.

But then again true motherhood is the enemy of “choice.”

I think true pro-choice people, who value the choice no matter what is chosen should applaud the Tebows, especially since many say they are uncomfortable with the abortion choice.

The morality of choice–any choice is not the existential act itself but the means chosen to make one’s choice.

They should want this ad to appear…but the reality of it her choice demonstrates what they are really about-the elimination of a living, human being.

And I’m not agreeing with Monday’s editorial in the New York Times–some choices should NEVER be exercised…and this is one of them.

Tim Tebow’s birth is in their analysis is a terrible defeat.  They condemn his mother for having the temerity of choosing life over what they are selling.

As my old friend, Joe Sobran recently wrote about this issue, having one’s own unborn child destroyed is now among the sacred rights of women. Deny it if you dare!

It has turned us inward…yet we get all emotionally about children being buried alive in Haiti yet we casually accept abortion as a constitutional right.  Somethings does not compute in the American psyche.

No wonder so many people need pills to sleep and the couch to ask for validation.

Maybe you might think that this kind of ad doesn’t belong on during a game that has become almost a religious rite of its own.

You may be right…but if the pro-abortion crowd had not said anything, I think most Americans will applaud a woman who would not allow her child to die because she had a medical problem.

They would have had the same response had Mrs. Tebow rushed into a burning building to save her son.

If her positive choice makes them feel bad about themselves–all I can say that was their choice.

That is the dark side of choice–the remorse the guilt that Planned Parenthood denies…until they can cash their checks.

The Coach

Then there is Rick Majerus, the St. Louis University basketball coach.  The Jesuit-educated, Majerus has been a long-time success on the court…and I applaud him for that success.

However in the last two years he has offered his “expert” opinion on abortion and embryonic stem cell research.

His inane commentary on these vital issues makes me wonder how he has won any game on the court–maybe he just had good players.

He says he is for a woman’s choice but does not understand what that choice really means— maybe he sould meet Tim’s mom…or more importantly–Tim!

He says that embryonic stem cell research means hope…No it doesn’t!  Not a single “cure” has been attributed to embryonic stem cell research while adult stem cell research, which does not sacrifice a “human being”, has been successful in combating dozens and dozens of diseases.

All the ESCR has is its hope— sounding more like a recycled Obama campaign ad…filled with the sound and fury but really signified nothing.

Every time the coach says something on these subjects, he makes a fool of himself.  I think his comments are a poor reflection on his Jesuit education and the school that now pays him–not to preach his morality but basketball.

Maybe we could start a rumor that he learned to think in a publ;ic school.

After telling us how highly he valued freedom because of the sacrifices of his uncles who risked their lives in WW II and the civil rights activities of Martin Luther King, he takes a non sequitur turn–I guess that’s a left turn— and implies that this gives him and every red-blooded woman on earth the freedom  to do whatever they want. Go figure!

I guess that means they can drive drunk, rob a grocery store or jump off a bridge if they so chose.

I have twice as much Jesuit education as the coach and I can tell you they don’t teach such faulty reasoning in Logic class.  Maybe he was sick that semester or traveling with the basketball team.

The Linebacker

Then there is the case of Scott Fujita, a linebacker for the Saints.  He has been speaking his mind, about issues, apparently he hasn’t thought a lot about.

It seems that the NFL rejected an another ad for ManCrunch, a gay dating service.  He has no problem with gays or their ad.

Fujita appreciates the focus on the family that the Tebows’ ad provides.  But he had a problem with their means of doing so.  The ad?

As an adopted son after his single teen mother gave him up because she did not have the means to support him, he is very thankful that she had the couraage and support system to carry out the pregnancy.

What he means he’s glad that she didn’t kill him.

But as a pro-choice man he would not expect that of everybody.

I really don’t understand how someone can be so detached from a discussion of his near-death experience.

He must have had the same Logic class that the coach did.  Is that really the kind of choice society should let its members make?

So while I applaud the efforts of the quarterback and deplore the illogical musings of the coach and the linebacker, I really wish we can just get back to the games without all the politics being interjected into the box score.

As Yogi said why can’t they just let us watch the game!



  1. A powerful column Bill. Your reference to Motherhood is the foundation of life, you have brought to the head of the line.
    Thank you for your spirit of pro life. We look forward to another article.

    Comment by James — February 4, 2010 @ 8:41 pm

  2. Please check out this issue on another blog:

    I will post my response of Duanne as well

    Comment by Bill Borst — February 4, 2010 @ 8:54 pm

  3. Very good. It bears repeating and repeating until more and more women (men too ) begin to really think through this issue and decide for Life instead of death.
    I heard last night on Glenn Beck that the gays have gotten into the schools and are teaching from early grades that the gay lifestyle is ok. Yuk. It all makes me sick. God help us–we are fighting Satan.
    Please don’t let him destroy our country anymore or the people in it. Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Pax.

    Comment by Mary B. Lachney — February 5, 2010 @ 5:14 am

  4. Check out my involved comments in my debate with Duane above.

    Comment by Bill Borst — February 5, 2010 @ 3:50 pm

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