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The Cellophane President PART I | January 8, 2010

Last year my precocious six and a half-year old granddaughter asked me whom I thought was the worst president.  I don’t really know what prompted her to ask me that question but I admire her spirit of curiosity that is fueled by her IQ of 136.

I just hope the American school system does not squelch her ability to ask the important question “Why,” which I believe to be at the root of all learning.

I told her to be truthful I thought our new president was the worst I had ever experienced.  I proceeded to give her a few basic reasons for my choice.

I think he has handled the Bush mess as badly as anyone can imagine.  His fiscal and monetary policies threaten to send us into another Depression, similar to the one his idol Franklin Roosevelt extended in 1933.  His insane Heath Care bill threatens to bankrupt the country.

Candidate Obama promised us his administration would be run on honesty and transparency.  Now as we near the end of his 1st year in office, it is clear that this has not been the case.  I have written widely on his ideas and policies for the Mindszenty Foundation.  (All my articles can be accessed at

For a while I have been trying to capture the essence of his leadership ability or lack of since he tool office last January.  It is almost as elusive as trying to assess his character.  I have called him the Hawaiian Candidate, my allusion to Richard Condon’s book and the subsequent film adaptations of The Manchurian Candidate.

As much as I like the analogy, I don’t believe it goes far enough.  Perhaps President Obama is more like a character from the Bob Fosse play, Chicago.  I saw veteran actor, Joel Gray’s perfect rendition of his song, Mr. Cellophane Man on Broadway several years ago.

While Obama is hardly an invisible man–he gets more face time than the gecko in the insurance commercials— he does approximate the lyrics of the song about being unknown by most people who encounter him.  He seems to have no essence or what John Kerry called gravitas.

Sure we know he likes basketball, is a die-hard Pale Hose fan, is married to Michelle and they have two little girls.  They called him “Barry” in high school in Hawaii.

Like Clinton and George H. W. Bush, he’s a southpaw. (It took Albert Pujos’ catcher’s balk to spare him the painful embarassment of bouncing his 59′ curve ball in the All-Star dirt last July.)

We know that he lived in Chicago where he was a community organizer then he went to Harvard Law School where he was the president of their Law Review.

Even his supporters have to admit that this is a very brief resume for a world leader.  I seriously doubt that Sarah Palin was qualified to be president but her credential greatly outweighed those of our current president.

So what do we REALLY know about him?

What religion is he?  We know he studied Islam in Indonesia where he lived with his mother and stepfather during his early years.  He did attend Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s Church in Chicago, which was ostensibly a Christian Church but since he has been president has he ever set foot in a similar church?

Stories abound that he is a closet Muslim. He is the first president who did not celebrate Christmas since people took notice of that kind of thing.  Now I read that he is pushing a 44-cent Muslim stamp. Others say that he had the Gitmo prisoners tried in a criminal court in NYC and not before a military tribunal because he did not want to send a fellow Muslim to the gallows.

Balderdash? Bunk?  Maybe–but I would really like to know what his religious beliefs are.  An honest president would tell us.  Wouldn’t he?

Look for Part II Early Next Week


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