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In Defiance of Gravity | December 28, 2009

People are dying!  They are falling, tripping or being pushed from high places and the sudden impact is prematurely ending their lives.  Planes are plunging to the earth and erupting in flames.  Rocks and avalanches are destroying communities and burying unsuspecting climbers.   We must stop the madness before it kills us all!

Our leaders must stop the gravitational pull of the earth, which is a direct result of billions of humans walking on the earth.  We must repeal gravity before it’s too late!

No I haven’t fallen off a bar stool—not yet.  This is just my way of saying that all this silliness about global warming and climate change is an absurdity that millions of intelligent people have been conned into believing by a government and a media with ulterior motives. To say anything different to me is sheer madness and just exposes one’s gullibility or indifference to truth.

While my total science education is woefully lacking I do know how to read and think.  I also know how to ask questions—logical questions.   When the experts fail to answer in a direct manner or try to divert my questions I am convinced that they either do not understand the question or are hiding something. That’s when I start to smell either ignorance or deception.

The first thing to understand is that global warming has little to do with science.  Like evolution it is junk science masquerading as metaphysics and logic.  Nature is a greater threat to the planet than we are.   It is just the arrogance of man’s own self-importance that assumes he can destroy the globe.  Man may be able to kill all the people but the earth will be here long after he have departed.

The second thing to remember is that 35 years ago “scientists” where warning us about a new ice age that threatened to freeze our cities and block out the sun in some kind of nuclear winter.

When the ice age failed to materialize quickly they turned their attention to global warming. It is not rocket science to say that climatic changes happen over millennia, not decades.

This unadulterated balderdash persisted for over 20 years until scientists could not deny any longer that during the last 10 years the earth had actually been cooling.

When questions arose as to how this could happen—given all the raw scientific data that had been filling the mainstream media for decades, they had to go to their conference rooms to come up with the real danger to humankind and that was


Now all the members of the power elite have come together to warn us of the dangers of climate change, which they have not really defined.  Is it just another word for global warming?   Or is it something else?  Is global warming not a grave threat any more?  Just what’s going on?  Do they ever admit they were wrong—like the liberals on Joe McCarthy?  Does being a liberal means that you never have to say you are “sorry?”

Climate change then is apparently their new mantra for man’s destruction of Mother Earth.  I think it makes as much sense as trying to repeal gravity.  Human beings cannot change Mother Nature.

Big Business is on board with Big Media and Big Government.  Sadly to say I think Big Church is also a member. The Catholic Church through its bishops has become an acquiescent player in this issue when I believe they should be leading the fight to expose this political/economic scam for what it is—sheer madness.

Now I am not saying that the Catholic Church should be against the reasonable protection of man’s natural habitat.  I fully accept the teaching that we are stewards of the earth and have a duty not to waste its resources nor unnecessarily pollute its natural beauties.

Does this mean I will throw away my car keys, stop traveling in a jet, go without electricity and return to the cave of my ancestors millions of years ago?  I don’t think so and neither should any rational human being.  But many of the people pushing this environmental agenda think we should all do just that!

The American Catholic bishops set down their basic principles in 2001. I have not seen any revision or addition and so I am assuming this is still their guiding document.  The statement of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, entitled “Global Climate Change: A Plea for Dialogue, Prudence and the Common Good,” asserts that the United States, because of its wealth, its position in the world and its record as a heavy producer of heat-trapping, or greenhouse, gases, must play a special role in protecting the planet.

This of itself sounds like an endorsement of man-made global warming.  The Catholic Church has always prided itself of being the custodian of truth but by being even a passive participant in this falsehood undermines that claim.  No wonder so many people misunderstand her teachings on papal infallibility.

The report also goes on to say that this issue is “not about economic theory or political platforms, nor about partisan advantage or interest group pressures. It is about the future of God’s creation and the one human family.”  That may be the idea of the Church but to the other members of the Green Coalition it is ALL about economics and politics.

To utter such a profoundly false statement just underscores my belief that Church leaders should not give opinions about things that they do not understand.

I strongly suggest that everyone who wants to understand the totality of what this coalition is trying to do to us read Steven Milloy’s’s book, Green Hell.

This is not the time to blindly accept or trust what our leaders tell us on this junk science.  As Glenn Beck says “we must question boldly and without fear.”  That is our solemn duty.


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