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A Playboy Bunny Under the Tree | December 9, 2009

We just returned from a long weekend in my hometown, the Big Apple.  I don’t know how New York compares to Las Vegas but what you do there can be usually told to most people I know.

Unlike Vegas, which seems to pride itself on its slippage into the pit of sexual and moral despondency, New York still has many fine attributes that allow it to stand head and shoulder about the rest of America.

To my mind it is still the greatest city in our American universe.  Upon returning, I commented how neat all the people were that we encountered during our stay—from waiters, to sales people to just people in line at the Trump Tower Starbuck’s.  That alone was refreshing to me, a recovering New Yorker.

However that does not mean that New York, like so many urban centers, doesn’t have a quasi-rotten core.   New York is the largest abortion provider in the country.  I read that 75% of their pregnancies terminate in the local Planned Parenthood abattoir.

Christmas is also under siege in New York.  Despite, its long and colorful history,  New York is trying to ignore the Christmas season in a big way. Businesses have all chimed in with their Happy Holidays campaigns to express their hope that you will spend all your money in their stores. All their window designs were absolutely gorgeous and very creative yet something…someone was missing.

I assume they were just following the new American tradition of separation of store and religion.  I just wonder how many of them realize that the word holiday, is a derivative of the word “holy day?

One reason we visited New York in December was because of the beautiful Christmas tree that lights 30 Rock every year.  The only change this year in its resplendent display of yellow and blue lights was the fact that this year’s 75’ Norwegian spruce, was now called, simply, the tree at Rockefeller Center. Christ’s name had wound up on another cutting room floor.

Signs on buses now proclaim in a new twist on a Christmas theme that people can be good for goodness sake.  Humanists, who think that people do not need the Author of goodness to be a moral and upstanding people, sponsored this series of ads. I wonder if these Madison Avenue anti-believers realize that right in the middle of their Christmas play on words, they reveal the seeds of their own self-parody.

Take the God out of goodness and what do you have?   You get a form of oneness, which serves as the self-centered egotism that makes it impossible to be good just for goodness sake.

Another sign of Babylon is lurking around New York was former Playboy Bunny of the Year, (1993) Jenny McCarthy who was in town, presumably to promote her new ABC movie, Santa Baby II. Jenny was staying at our hotel by the Park and when we passed her she had set up an impromptu  signing of her books and some of her publicity photos on 59th Street.

The baptized Catholic from Chicago is still only 37 yet looked much older to me.  The years of Sturm and Drang since Playboy have aged her.  She has one failed marriage, a son with autism and is now sharing a domicile with the zany actor, Jim Carrey.  As she stood out in the cold with the men flocking around her, I kind of felt sorry for her.

Here it was Christmas and she was in the most exciting city in the world and she is hawking photos of a body that has served as her greatest asset.  That is a cruel commentary on what is supposed to be the most joyous time in the year.  Her movie reviews have been on the dark side of outstanding.

What so many people fail to see is that Christmas is a spiritual time of the year.  Those who deny things of the spirit are probably the very ones who want Christ to disappear on His own birthday.  They want to fill his absence with material toys, gadgets and an occasion Playboy Bunny under the tree.  No matter how much fun the toys were or how pretty the Bunny, they just don’t fill the emptiness that only Christ can at this time of the year.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you really want to blow the mind of a secularist or opponent of Christmas, just start wishing them a HAPPY HOLYDAY and see what happens!!!



  1. Welcome home Bill. Now you are land locked again.
    New York will always be an exciting city, the best in the US for its size.
    I have been trying to get back to the Hudson Valley for many years. I grew up sailing on the Hudson as a kid.
    Jenney is a great gal. She surely gave away alot for a few moments in the spot light. I guess it is an awsome experience being their, and than, it dying memories as we get ready to leave this earth.
    My Mom came from FlatBush…..

    Comment by Jim Vondras — December 9, 2009 @ 10:17 pm

  2. BB, Love your stuff. Always agree with you. Yes, New York is an exciting place.
    Yes, Christ is down played there. Time will fix that and so will God. Pax.

    Comment by Mary B. Lachney — December 11, 2009 @ 4:26 am

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